2014 Law & Citizenship Conference Presentation Proposal Application

24th Annual Law & Citizenship Conference
Columbus, Ohio
September 21 - 22, 2014
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SESSION INFORMATION Sessions are 60 minutes in length
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How do you believe this session advances teacher and student understanding of the topic?
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LCD Projector Wireless Internet Sound Speaker None Other
Please note due to a limited AV budget and wiring/internet capabilities at the location, certain equipment may not be provided by the Center and/or be compatible with the location's equipment. Laptop computers will not be provided by the Center. LCD projectors are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Lesson Plan:
Are you able to provide a lesson plan for educators as a supplement to your presentation?
If yes, the lesson plan will need to be submitted by August 1, 2014. If no, provide a detailed outline of your presentation by July 1, 2014. A supplemental lesson plan will be created for the session.
Repeating Presentation
Are you willing to repeat your presentation the same day?
Are you willing to repeat your presentation on a different day?
Which day to you prefer to present (not guaranteed)?
You will be notified by e-mail if your proposal has been selected. Submitting a proposal is not a guarantee of selection for the conference.
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