System Member Application

System Member is any individual, partnership, association or corporation engaged in the business of providing television reception and other communication services for the public by means of cable television system either for an operating cable television system or a valid franchise authorized to construct a cable television system.

Individual or corporations owning or controlling several Ohio systems may combine the total number of customers in all systems to determine the annual dues rate. When more than one Ohio system is owned or controlled by an individual, firm or corporation, all such systems must be enrolled in OCTA membership.
Please contact April Barrowman at (614) 461-4014 to get current dues rates

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** Please include a complete listing of Ohio cities/townships served,
including names/addresses for system/regional managers and customer counts.


Please contact April Barrowman at (614) 461-4014 to get current dues rates
I/we hereby apply for membership in the Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association and agree to comply with the Bylaws, Code of Regulations and such other rules as may be adopted.
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