November 27, 2012

Sports & Orthopaedic Residency Case Conference

Martha Moorehouse | Columbus, OH

Course Description

The conference is a series of case presentations performed by all Orthopaedic and Sports PT Residents.  Personation will focus on examination, treatment and outcomes as well as review of literature specific to the case.

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on and critically analyze clinical patient/client evaluation and treatment process.
  • Discuss evaluation and treatment strategies that may strengthen patient/client outcomes as indicated by current best evidence and case.
  • Analyze clinical decision making processes based on available evidence affecting outcomes.   

Presenter Qualifications

Course Schedule

  • 6:00 - 6:30 PM | Mitch Salsbery, PT, DPT (Sports): Return to Sport Rehabilitation for a 21 Year Old Male Powerlifter Following Subscapularis Repair
  • 6:35 - 7:05 PM | Brian Briggs, PT, DPT, AT (Sports): Return to Sport Guidelines for a Baseball Catcher Following Meniscus Repair
  • 7:05 - 7:35 PM | McKenzie Fauth, PT, DPT (Ortho): Proximal Hamstrings Avulsion Repair with Secondary Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • 7:35 - 8:05 PM | Eric Bellm, PT, DPT (Ortho): Shoulder Differential: Ortho vs Neuro Pathology
  • 8:05 - 8:15 PM | Q & A


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Martha Moorehouse Auditorium | 2050 Kenny Road | Columbus, OH

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