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April 5, 2014

Active Movement Screen

Provided by OPTA Members

West Chester, OH

To participate, contact Rick Wickstrom at or 513-772-1026


OPTA members Rick Wickstrom and Rose Smith are co-investigators for a UC wellness research study (IRB approval #2013-1080) on a new quick screen of physical wellness. Participants must be healthy enough to work full-time if they want to. We would like to invite all OPTA members in our SW District to consider participating, along with any friends, family members, and current or former clients that meet our eligibility criteria. This study is appropriate for most persons that can read and follow instructions given in English, get up from a chair without use of arm rests, walk without use of an assistive device, and have not experienced severe pain within the past four weeks.  


The current locations for subject participation in the greater Cincinnati area are at the UC College of Allied Health Sciences in Clifton and the WorkAbility Wellness Center in West Chester. The next “Active Movement Screen” event for this study will be held on April 5th from 10 am to 2 pm at the WorkAbility Wellness Center located at 7665 Monarch Court, Suite 109, West Chester OH 45069. No monetary compensation will be provided. The main personal benefit for participation will be a written report that references the subject’s individual results. All interested persons should call 513-772-1026 or email to receive more information and pre-register for a 30-minute session. If this date and location is a conflict, then other appointment arrangements can be made.


This study is intended to provide evidence to support use of this “Active Movement Screen” in a PT direct access delivery model for wellness or therapy services.

Location: 7665 Monarch Court, Suite 109 - West Chester, OH 45069


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