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Call for Abstracts of Research Presentations

Fall Scientific Symposium - October 11, 2013 - Quest Business Center


Attention Clinicians, Faculty & Students!

Make plans now to submit an abstract of your research for presentation at the 2013 OPTA Fall Scientific Symposium. Share your clinical or basic science investigation, case study, or special interest paper with your physical therapy colleagues. Even if you have already presented your research at a recent meeting (in the past 18 months), you are still encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation at the 2013 OPTA Fall Scientific Symposium. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed. If your abstract is accepted for presentation, it will be published and retrievable on the OPTA website.


Schedule for Presentations

Friday, October 11, 2013

  • Poster presentations - on display for the entire day of the symposium and presenters will attend their poster during lunch.
  • Platform presentations - During unopposed time on the day of the symposium.
Types of Presentations
  • Poster presentation - investigative research, case study or special interest report
  • Poster presentation - investigative research
Formats for Presentations
  • Poster: a written presentation in which the key elements of the investigation, case report or project, such as brief summary statements or descriptions and selected graphics (graphs, diagrams, charts, photographs), are mounted on a large poster board measuring 4 feet high by 6 feet wide. (Poster boards are free-standing cork boards that accept push pins and are provided by the OPTA.)
  • Platform: a 20-minute oral presentation to an audience by an individual or a group with no more than 15 minutes devoted to the presentation by the speaker(s) and an additional 5 minutes reserved for audience questions, input and discussion. (Laptop, LCD and screen will be provided.) Send a copy of your presentation to OPTA office via email to Adam Miller ( by October 4, 2013. Also, bring 2 copies of your presentation on a USB portable drive AND another electronic format. Preference will be given to those abstracts relating to the conference topic.
Important Abstract Requirements
  • General Information: Abstract must be typed in Word format, single-spaced, using a 12-point font. The total length of the body of the abstract should not exceed 400 words. In the heading of the abstract, type the title of the presentation followed by the first and last names of the authors. Following the authors’ names, type the name and location of the institution or organization where the research was conducted. Do not center this introductory information. If you have presented your research at a previous meeting during the past 18 months, be sure to indicate the name of the meeting, the date and the location where the presentation occurred. FOR CONTACT PURPOSES PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE, BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS OF ONE AUTHOR OR DESIGNATED CONTACT PERSON.  The contact person cannot be a student.  Please adhere to “people-first” language in your abstract. The abstract must indicate if the material has been or will be published or presented at a national meeting. There must be no identifiable facility information in the abstract.
  • Content of Investigative Research Presentations: The body of the abstract must include the purpose, significance of the study, subjects, design and methods, data analysis and results (statistical tests if appropriate)  interpretation and conclusions. If applicable, note any funding source.
  • Content for a Theory/Special Interest Paper: The body of the abstract should include the purpose and significance, rationale or foundation, description (methods, materials), observations (reactions or responses), conclusions, and scientific/clinical merit  If applicable, note any funding source.
  • Content for a Case Study: The body of the abstract must include purpose, case description, outcomes/ discussion, conclusion and clinical or scientific merit. If applicable, note any funding source

Click here to view a Sample Abstract

Submission of Abstracts

All abstracts must be submitted and received for review by June 30, 2013.  Authors should send abstracts to the OPTA office via email to Adam Miller ( Confirmation of receipt will be sent via e-mail to the designated contact person.

Timeline for Review

Abstracts will be reviewed and selected for presentation during July. A letter, indicating whether or not an abstract has been accepted for presentation, will be sent out via email to the designated contact person by August 1, 2013.

Registration for the Symposium

If your abstract is accepted, and you are not attending the symposium and ONLY presenting, you will still need to register as a presenter.