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PT Needs You: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

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Politics. Legislation. Budget Restructuring. 


Aside from taking over every news broadcast (and your inbox... and newsfeed), these all have one major thing in common... they have a huge impact on you and your profession!


Luckily, physical therapy is a very active profession with regards to advocacy and awareness. This level of political activity is only possible because of passionate people, like you. That said, the Ohio Physical Therapy Political Action Committee (OPT-PAC) needs you, your time, and your contributions to ensure that physical therapy continues to have a strong presence in the statehouse and in Washington D.C. 


We've made it easier than ever to donate or get involved with the OPT-PAC. For anyone casually browsing the site, simply click on the yellow "Support the OPT PAC" button! Do your part to help our profession and be sure to share these links with your colleagues and patients, as well!