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Elections Re-Opened, Voting Minimum Not Met


OPTA's 2013 elections became available online immediately following the OPTA Annual Conference. Elections remained accessible for one-month, as stipulated in the organization’s governing documents. At the conclusion of our voting period, we have not received the minimum number* of required votes to proceed with newly elected officers and delegates.

In an effort to reach the necessary amount of votes, our elections have been re-opened until Friday, 5/24/2013 at midnight. Login instructions are provided below, so please, exercise your member benefits and help determine the future of OPTA! If you’ve already cast a ballot, there is no need to vote again, they have been recorded.

Though we hate to fill your inbox with redundant information, email reminders will be sent until we reach our electoral minimum so that we can begin planning for the future of OPTA. Thank you, and we appreciate your continued engagement.


Voting Instructions


To Vote, Click or Browse to -


Login Credentials -                 


*According to Article X, Section 3 B. of the Association Bylaws, “A ten percent (10%) return shall be required for a valid vote.”

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