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OPTA Enters APTA's 'Career Starter Dues' Incentive

Find out how you can save money during your professional transition [...]

Career Starter Dues is the automatic way for eligible new graduates to save up to 50% (up to $270) off national and chapter dues at their first renewal post-graduation!

2014 is a limited-time pilot opportunity for eligible members 2-4 years post-graduation to save 40%, 30%, or 20% on national dues and participating chapter dues. Twenty-two chapters chose to participate in the initial pilot.

Learn the Basics

When does the CSD pilot start?

The pilot begins with April 2014 membership renewals. First renewal notices for members with April 2014 dues paid-thru dates will be generated in January and hit mail in early February (approximately 90 days prior to expiration).

Which members are eligible for CSD pilot savings? 

Eligible early-career PT and PTA members with renewal paid-through dates beginning April 2014 and graduation date ranges after April 2010 were automatically assigned to the appropriate CSD membership category for the next renewal period.

How will eligible members who qualify for CSD pilot savings be notified? 

Hard copy and online membership renewal forms will automatically reflect the appropriate Career Starter Dues savings level and membership category for eligible members. No refunds for previous renewal periods will be provided.

Does the CSD pilot continue in 2015?

The limited-time pilot opportunity for members 2-4 years post-graduation is initially approved for 2014 only. Based on initial pilot results, the APTA Board of Directors may opt to extend the pilot for subsequent year(s) to gather more data, consider a formal process for bylaw amendment, or suspend the pilot. If extended, chapters would be contacted annually to determine their desire to participate in the pilot going forward.

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