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"Management of Cartilage Injuries Across the Lifespan"

Cartilage injury is being recognized in a younger population due to sports injuries, but also in an inactive group due to excessive stress on joints due to obesity. For the aging population, osteoarthritis affects 27 million people and accrued 22.4 billion dollars in hospital related costs in 2004.

OPTA is seeking posters for the 2014 Fall Scientific Symposium to inform PT colleagues of innovative management strategies for cartilage injuries that span: 

  1. A person's life.  A good understanding of the etiology of cartilage injury allows interventions to be tailored to the individual in whatever stage of life they may be. 
  2. The continuum of healthcare. Physical Therapists are involved in the management of patients in many settings including prevention, rehabilitation and community wellness programs.
  3. The research hierarchy. Case studies inform us of new innovations for the individual or groups of patients, randomized controlled studies help practitioners to select effective management strategies, and economic evaluations help to understand the feasibility of implementation.

Submission Formats

All research submissions should be sent electronically to OPTA Conference and Education Coordinator, Halle Runion at

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*Deadline for poster abstract submission is June 30, 2014.