About OPTA

The Ohio Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) is non-profit professional trade organization representing physical therapists, physical therapist assistants who are licensed in Ohio, and Ohio physical therapist students and physical therapist assistant students. OPTA represents approximately 3,200 therapists and therapy students in Ohio. This organization is an affiliate of the American Physical Therapy Association, a national professional organization representing more than 88,000 members.

  • Our mission is to provide the driving force for advancing physical therapy practice.
  • Our vision is for Ohio to be the model of excellence, led by the advocacy, leadership, and expertise of the members of the OPTA, for autonomous physical therapy practice.

OPTA provides a platform for you to explore the physical therapy practice in our state. Network with other members, stay up-to-date with the latest news, find out about upcoming events and much more! If you’re one of our 3,200+ members—thank you for supporting your professional association. Not a member yet? Learn about membership now. Ready to join? Join now.

Our Goals

These goals were developed as part of the OPTA Strategic Plan in 2011.