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Advocacy - Moving Your Profession Forward


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Current Legislation: How Can You Help?

View the House Bill 169 PowerPoint presentation.

OPTA's proposed PT legislation has been officially introduced by co-sponsors Representative Tim Brown (R - Bowling Green) and Representative Bill Reineke (R - Tiffin) in the House.

House Bill 169 addresses the scope of practice for physical therapists in Ohio. It would allow PTs to diagnose physical impairment and disability and determine a prognosis and intervention plan, and would add the ability for PTs to order tests such as diagnostic imaging and studies that are interpreted by other licensed health care professionals. View House Bill 169.

Please watch for more information as the OPTA moves forward with House Bill 169, including legislative alerts and calls to action, to help get this important piece of legislation heard! Click here to view more members-only information on HB 169, including key talking points.

How does HB 169 Help PT?

  • Clarifies the scope of practice for PTs, benefiting PTs, the public and other healthcare professionals
  • Promotes PT direct access. Patients will be more willing to come to PTs knowing that a PT can order the appropriate diagnostic test, saving patients and insurance companies money.
  • Give PTs more tools for diagnosis and treatment
  • Could improve patient compliance
  • Patient expenses could be reduced due to fewer visits to other healthcare providers, increasing the number of patients that utilize PT.

Why is Advocacy Important:

As Bob Smucker, the founder of the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest, once said about nonprofit advocacy, “It is about empowering individuals to make their collective voice heard on a wide range of human concerns.

You can be an advocate for your profession. Make the world of healthcare a better place for your patients and make your profession stronger by being part of that collective voice.

Significant legislative changes are the result of common sense initiatives, propelled by constituents that have meaningful relationships with their legislators. Taking action is as simple as writing letters to your state legislators and as powerful as attending a national federal affairs forum to impact change throughout the nation. Speaking to your legislators from your own professional experience as a PT, PTA, student or educator is powerful. You have the experience. You have the passion. You can make the change.

Past OPTA Advocacy Events

During Advocacy Day 2015, held April 9, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, over 175 OPTA members and students advocated for House Bill 169, meeting with their legislators and writing hundreds of letters of support. 

Advocacy Day 2014, held May 21, was a great success for House Bill 220. Members and students met with more than 35 legislators at the Ohio Statehouse. 

View our HB 220 overview video and then communicate with your legislators and build a relationship, so you can make an impact on your profession now and in the future.

Direct Access - Landmark Legislation

View the Ohio Direct Access Bill

Advocacy Resources:

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