At Annual Conference 2015, attendees mixed and matched their schedule by attending all presentations in a specific "Knowledge Area" or bouncing around to different presentations, creating a one-of-a-kind, a-la-carte experience!

The five Knowledge Areas were Geriatric Wellness, Mind & Body, Clinic to Home, Fitness & Exercise and Lifestyle Education. Annual Conference was an exciting time to get in-depth education on a specific topic and a chance to explore other interests for a presentation or two! 

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CEU Approval: 

(Please note, all events and times are schedule to change.)

We highly encourage you to review the above Annual Conference brochure and choose courses that interest you BEFORE entering the registration process. Due to the high number and variety of classes offered this year, please read the Knowledge Area and course descriptions so you find those that most appeal to your career, interest and specialties! Use this Guide to Registering to choose your courses.


Although every effort is made to provide adequate seating for all attendees, on occasion rooms are filled to capacity. Fire codes prevent OPTA from allowing more individuals in a room than designated by law. Allow yourself sufficient time to arrive at sessions and, when rooms are filling up, please remove personal items from seats and select seats in the front of the room and in the middle of rows.

Registration closed March 27. Please contact the OPTA office.

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