Jorge Herrera


The morning of March 12, 2011 my 29 year old husband woke up with plans to buy a swing set for our then 14 month old daughter. Our sweet girl was the light of his eye. We were also six months pregnant with our first son. Jorge was beyond excited for our growing family. He was excelling in his career as an attorney and loved by countless friends and family. If I could say anything about my husband, it would be that his short life was overflowing with joyous memories. He valued experiences and great quality time with those he loved. He possessed a laugh that was very distinct and so infectious!

Our perfect world shattered in the blink of an eye that day. I will never forget his voice as he yelled out for me. I found him collapsed on our bed with our innocent baby girl tightly wrapped in his arms. I find comfort knowing he left this world hugging his princess. My husband was healthy. His death was unexpected and sudden. The autopsy did reveal some mild cardiomegaly, though not significant enough to cause his death. In honor of my husband’s memory I look forward to educating others about Sudden Cardiac Death.


Crystal Ryan
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

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