New CPR technology breathes life into patients dead 40 to 60 minutes

From: The Washington Times

New CPR technology put to the test at an Australian  hospital  has  passed with flying colors after a man — clinically dead for  40  minutes — was brought back to life. And he later was discharged with a   clean  bill of health, absent any disability.

Fox News reported that Colin Fiedler,  39, was just one of three   heart attack patients to be risen from a clinical  death diagnosis that   spanned between 40 and 60 minutes — and sent home without  disability —   using a new CPR machine at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. The    machinery, called AutoPulse, performs constant chest compressions while    sending a nonstop flow of oxygen and blood to the patient’s brain and   vital  organs, Fox News said, citing a report.

Mr. Fiedler was admitted to the hospital  in June in cardiac   arrest and subsequently died — but was brought back to life  40 minutes   later with the new equipment. He did not suffer any other mental or   physical effects — such as brain damage or internal organ degradation —  when  he was revived, Fox News reported.

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