Southern Ohiio Synod. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Congregations in Transition

Congregations of the Southern Ohio Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, go through a discernment process, in addition to an interviewing process when looking to call a rostered leader to serve their congregation.  The three phases below (In Study, Interviewing, Ready to Call) are the steps each congregation goes through before a call is offered.

If your congregation would like to add a rostered leader to its staff or if you are a Southern Ohio Synod rostered leader looking to serve in one of our congregations, please contact the Assistant to the Bishop assigned to your area or call the synod office (614.464.3532) to begin the call process.  If you are not currently rostered in our synod, please complete the online forms on the ELCA website for rostered leaders looking to transfer from one synod to another.

Also listed below is a list of rostered leaders accepting calls in our synod, rostered leaders accepting calls in others synods, newly retired rostered leaders and congregations that have closed.

This list is updated, as needed.

In Study

Good Shepherd, West Milton (part-time pastor)
St. Mark, Wapakoneta (part-time pastor)
St. Paul's, Newark
Trinity, Dayton



Christ the King, West Chester
Galillee, Russells Point (part-time pastor)
Peace, Georgetown (Arnheim) 
St. Paul, Cincinnati



Christ the King, St. Clairsville
St. Paul, Westerville
Trinity, Brookville



The following Rostered Leaders have received calls within the Southern Ohio Synod.  The congregation they will be serving is listed after their name.


The Rev. Mel Musser--Trinity Lutheran Church, Pitsburg


The following Rostered Leaders have received calls in other ELCA synods. The synod where they will be serving is listed after their name.

None at this time


The following Rostered Leaders are newly retired. Their official date of retirement is listed after their name.

None at this time


Congregation Closure

The following congregations have closed. The closure date is listed after the congregation name and city. Please keep the members of these congregations in your prayers as they find new church homes where they can share their gifts and serve the Lord.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Fairfield closed March 23, 2014.