Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute's purpose is to train leaders to grow their congregations spiritually, as nurturing communities, in mission to the world, and numerically through effective parish administration.

The Leadership Institute is for rostered leaders of the Southern Ohio Synod and their congregational leaders, who want to:

  • Learn about the organizational components which encourage or inhibit ministry growth
  • Expand ministry to both members and the outside community
  • Revitalize a congregation that has plateaued
  • Reverse numerical decline in their congregation

What to expect as a participant:

  • Design at least one new ministry to meet the needs of the local community
  • Write and intentionally communicate a purpose, vision, and strategic plan
  • Learn how to empower pastors and lay leaders to make all daily operating decisions in ministry programs
  • Learn how to nuture volunteers by providing adequate information, training, and resources
  • Learn how to use communications that match the numerical size of your congregation