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Sunday Software

Here is what the Neil MacQueen, owner/developer, says.

Here's WHAT we do and WHO we are:

We find the good stuff. We are the ONLY catalog of Christian software that's reviewed, tested and proven for use in Christian education. If we/I don't like it, you won't see it in our catalog. (View a list of the software we don't recommend.) Unlike some denominational publishers and bookstores, we have no contractual ties that force us to carry inferior product. We write our own descriptions and give you more than a 3 sentence statement and a box shot.

We are now {trumpets please} "the most prolific developer of Bible story & Bible games software in the known universe." With the exception of Bible study tool developers, we have created more new & different Christian software titles than any other producer, mainly because our customers need them!

Our ministry is independent, ecumenical and entirely supported by the sale of our resources.

This is a very useful site.

Vision Video

This is what they say about themselves.

“We rejoice to be in the fourth decade of bringing you a wide range of Christian and family DVDs. Today we offer more than 1400 titles with ample selections for all age groups. Selections include drama, documentary, live events, curriculum, and rare historical footage among the many genres.”

They have some videos of historical events, especially from the Reformation.  Some of the more modern ones may be less useful but there are videos about Bonhoeffer for example.

Introduction to Lutheranism

What It Means to Be Lutheran.  Channing Bete. 2004   800-628-7733 or

Simple two tone pamplet with question/answer format. Topics/questions include:
What is a Lutheran?  What is a Lutheran Church? Lutheran Teachings.  How do Lutherans worship? Creeds, Sacraments and more.

The Lutheran Handbook.  Augsburg/Fortress.  2005.
Originally meant for a confirmation program, it is a lighthearted introduction to Lutheranism.

The Lutheran Course.  Ausgburg/Fortress. 2005
Goes with the Lutheran Handbook.  Course materials include a DVD and leader’s guide.  Works best with a trained facilitator.

Baptized We Live: Lutheranism as a Way of Life. by Daniel Erlander.  Augsburg/Fortress.  This booklet refreshingly describes Lutheranism as a way of seeing, hearing, teaching, and following. Black-and-white illustrations.

Adult Studies

Book of Faith Materials.  2009 to present.  Check the Augsburg/Fortress website for the current listings. Usually work best with a trained facilitator.

Kerygma Program.   Since 1977.
Various studies available.  Self-led small groups can easily use these materials.  Topic headings include: Foundation Studies, Seasonal Options, Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, Thematic Studies, Resources for every group.

NOOMA   Rob Bell
A group of DVD and downloadable discussion starters putting the Christian message into today’s terms and culture.  Great for self-led smalolo groups as well as groups with a trained facilitator.

Daily Discipleship  – free group study downloads on lectionary readings.   Other similar studies in the same section.

Life Crossings
This very useful, easy to use series is produced here in the Southern Ohio Synod.  This is what they say about themselves.

“LifeCrossings ecumenical resources have been used in many creative ways by adult Christians who want to think seriously about how they live out their faith in everyday life. Our field-tested sessions are perfect for busy people who want depth in:

  • Sunday morning conversations
  • small groups at home
  • retreat settings
  • women's and men's groups
  • lay leader training for adult education”

The “For Everyone” Series by N.T. Wright.  See Amazon for the current listings.
Sample Titles include: Mark for Everyone, Acts for Everyone, Revelation for Everyone.  The early ones list the author as Tom Wright – evidently to indicate that they weren’t as complex as the tomes written by the author as N.T. Wright.  They are well written and useful for a weekly Bible study for example.