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Advancing God's Mission

The information below was provided during the Advancing God's Mission: Our Life Together Conference Gatherings.  For those who could not attend or wish to have an electronic copy of the information to share with church councils or others, click on the appropriate links for your conference below.  Please contact Pr. Ed Williams if you would like more specific information for your congregation's geographic area. (Please note: Maps are housed on Google Docs because the original documents were PowerPoint presentations and were too large to download/view for most users.  The quality of the maps is a bit fuzzy, but still provides a good overview of the demographics in your conference.)

Central Ohio



Mad River



Congregations may use this resource when developing a Mission, Purpose, Vision and Core Values Statement
Manual for the development of Mission, Purpose, Vision and Core Value Statements 

The Ministry Site Profile (MSP)--formerly called Congregational Mission Profile--is for congregations and the agencies, institutions, and organizations related to the ELCA to describe their ministry and their search for a rostered leader. Congregations must fill out the entire Ministry Site Profile; organizations may fill out only the required fields if permitted by the synodical bishop. You will be prompted to create a MSP account as you download the Ministry Site Profile.

Advancing God's Mission: Living Faith (Synod's Strategic Plan)

Advancing God's Mission (AGM) Goals through 2015
AGM Living Faith 12 Goals

Advancing God's Mission (AGM) Goals Current Report
Advancing Gods Mission Assembly Report 2011

The Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute's purpose is to train leaders to grow their congregations spiritually, as nurturing communities, in mission to the world, and numerically through effective parish administration.

Rostered Leaders of the Southern Ohio Synod and their congregational leaders, who want to:

  • Learn about the organizational components which encourage or inhibit ministry growth
  • Expand ministry to both members and the outside community
  • Revitalize a congregation that has plateaued
  • Reverse numerical decline in their congregation

The Leadership Institute is made possible by the generosity of The Advancing God's Mission Foundation.  If you would like to contribute to the The AGM Foundation, so programs and ministries, like the Leadership Institute, can continue to bless and enrich our synod, please contact Bishop Suzanne Dillahunt at 614.464.3532.