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Financial Stewardship 

WELCOME to Funding God's Mission, a site designed to assist our members and congregations with financial stewardship matters.

We invite you to explore this site and the many helpful resources  referenced here. Your comments are welcome. Please contact with your feedback.

HOW Funding God's Mission relates to our synod's strategic plan—Advancing God's Mission.

Funding God's Mission falls under Goal 12 of the synod's strategic plan Advancing God's Mission: Living Faith.  An ongoing objective for our synod is to develop and refine a strategy to encourage financial support based on the achievement of ministry goals. Mission begets funding. Our members are eager to support high quality ministries, which connect people with the love of God through Christ Jesus and his Holy Spirit led church.


The ELCA is comprised of three interdependent expressions of the church: congregations, synods, and the churchwide organization. The ministries of all three expressions are supported financially by the offerings of our members.

Each expression serves the others and works in concert to make Christ known and advance God's mission locally and globally. Each expression of our church is committed to high quality ministries and giving our best effort for God.