March 20-21, 2013

2013 Wisconsin Joint Use Conference

- Wilderness Territory Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells


2013 Joint Use Registration Brochure

The 2013 Wisconsin Joint Use Conference will address why joint installations with other utilities would benefit your company.

This conference will offer opportunities to:

Discover proven techniques that can be used in your company.

Network with experts and peers and explore business opportunities.

Meet with companies impacting the future.

Who should attend?

·         Joint use Administrators

·         Right-of-way Managers

·         Asset Managers

·         Standards Engineers

·         Engineering and Operations Managers

·         Contract Administrators

·         Joint Facilities Coordinators

·         Electric Distribution Supervisors

·         Overhead Design Personnel

·         Property Specialists

·         Telecom Managers & Reps

·         Network Operations Supervisors

·         Cable and Wireless Contract Administrators

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