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The WF&FSA New Products Showcase brings the latest in products to attendees at the 2014 Floral Distribution Conference. Want to feature your products in the New Products Showcase? These featured products will be displayed in the Foyer of the Exhibit Hall, providing easy access and great foot traffic! Products will be displayed on a high-boy table with space to display one product. A balloon will draw the attendees to each display in the foyer area. The fee is just $100 per product.

To provide exhibitors with even more exposure during and after the Show, and for the convenience of buyers interested in the products they see in the Showcase, WF&FSA will provide information for every product entered in the meeting booklet, in addition to the traditional descriptive signs. The signage will be provided for your display table by WF&FSA. Products in the Showcase will be photographed. Photographs will be featured in WF&FSA News, and on the WF&FSA website.

Only table top exhibitors at the WF&FSA Conference are invited to register their products in this showcase. For the purposes of this program, a New Product is defined as one that is manufactured or exclusively distributed by a company exhibiting in this year’s WF&FSA Conference and was introduced to the marketplace after last year's WF&FSA Conference (October 2013). These tables will not be manned.

All product entries are $100 per product if entered by Tuesday, September 30. After September 30, the fee will be $200 per product. No entries may be submitted on-site. Use the New Products Showcase registration form to reserve your space. Space is limited, so act early!



Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company's image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive. And your target audience is right here at the WF&FSA FDC!

There are a variety of opportunities for you to spread your message during the WF&FSA Floral Distribution Conference. Check out the wide range of events and/or items you can put your name on and sign up now! Contact Michelle Measel for information-



Did you ever want to produce your very own “Super Bowl” commercial for your product, but can’t afford the million dollar cost, or can’t find your audience? WF&FSA has the answer for you! At this year’s Floral Distribution Conference, you have the opportunity to share your 30-second video message with more than 700 attendees in the floral distribution industry. Create your video using in-house personnel – have fun with it! We are looking for fun, creative commercials that will enlighten and entertain.

Last year, WF&FSA introduced commercials into the Today Show and the feedback was off the charts! The commercials were creative, fun and entertaining. Here’s your chance to get your creative on for 2014!

Commercial slots are available at $1,000 per 30-second slot. The vendor assumes all costs associated with the creation of the commercial. They are limited to 30-second product/service (pre-recorded) presentations. (There will be no live presentations.)

Commercials should be produced in a fun and creative manner that will be memorable to the WF&FSA audience. Think of this as YOUR Super Bowl commercial! Commercials must be produced using your own staff or non-paid talent.

Conference attendees will vote for their favorite or “Best of the Best” commercial by pre-printed ballot provided in their registration packet. Last year’s winner, Pete Garcia Co., had some stiff competition. Let’s see what 2014 brings!

For more information or to sign up, contact Michelle Measel -