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WF&FSA members no longer have to send their customers to a competitor's website or to multiple supplier websites to see photos of cutflower varieties.

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The WF&FSA Flower Gallery currently has over 2,500 varieties that can be searched by flower type, color, type/color, or variety name. The gallery will grow over time.

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The Flower Gallery is updated periodically. You won't have to do anything. It will be automatic.

It's expensive and time consuming for individuals to create their own electronic flower gallery.

The Flower Gallery is $300 per year, plus a one-time fee of $100 for us to create your link. When you sign up,WF&FSA will give you a link that is unique to you, for you to place on your home page. When your customer clicks on the link, they will go to the Flower Gallery.  Your customers can bookmark it for future reference. The transition is seamless.

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Questions? Contact Amy Luckado, WF&FSA Program Manager, at

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