Webinars & Seminars

Scheduled throughout the year, WF&FSA partners with the Association Education Alliance (AEA) to offer a variety of web-based and face-to-face seminars, addessing topics of value to floral distribution professionals. Here's an example of a recent Webinar - watch your bi-weekly netWORK newsleters for upcoming seminar annoucements.  

Finding Opportunities That Are Real (and Good)! - Joe Ellers

WF&FSA, in conjunction with the Association Education Alliance, offered a one-hour webinar on Finding Opportunities that are Real (and Good)? For just $149, attendees heard one of the leading distribution sales consultants discuss two topics that deserve attention from everyone involved with sales, from the company president to the people on the customer service desk: "Real" and "Good." Too often, our sales efforts are focused on opportunities that do not drive the business in the right direction. (And tons of sales time is spent working on pieces of business that are not real.)

In this session, Joe defined not only the type of opportunities that you need to be creating/finding--but also some very simple checks that can be applied to understand if they are real and/or good (for you.)

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