Pro-Forms Generator 

As a major benefit of membership, YBAA members are invited to use the association's standardized, copyrighted contractual forms, for both U.S. and Canadian transactions. Each Form is designed as an interactive PDF for ease of use.

When properly used, the forms help to clarify the terms and agreements between seller/broker, buyer/seller and broker/broker. In co-op sales with other YBAA brokers, you will know what to expect in the way of documents to be signed.

The YBAA Forms are updated annually, with the valid year-of-use indicated on the bottom of each Form. Be sure to only use current Forms in all transactions. All prior versions of the Forms should not be used; such use will be deemed in violation of the YBAA Membership Code of Ethics. 

We recommend that you access and produce the Forms using Internet Explorer (Microsoft)

Chrome (Google) users may have to turn off the Chrome PDF reader in order to access all of the features of Adobe reader in the browser. Please click here to learn how. 

Firefox (Mozilla) users are advised to download a blank copy of the Form to be used to their computer first. The downloaded Form can then be completed, saved and printed or emailed as needed.

Safari (Apple) users are advised to complete your Form in Preview or Safari, go to the Print menu (cmd+P) and use the PDF drop-down in the bottom-left, selecting to Save as PDF... to generate a new, 'flattened' PDF ('flattened' simply means that all annotations (including data in the form become indistinguishable from the actual content of the PDF, as if they were part of it all along. This means you can't edit them anymore (in the new, printed PDF), which can be desirable, but also means they'll show up properly in Adobe).

Use of the YBAA Forms requires the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, CLICK HERE to Download. 

Acceptance Of Yacht Canadian Central Listing Agreement
Central Listing Agreement Canadian Open Listing Agreement
Conditional Acceptance Of Yacht Canadian Purchase And Sale Agreement
Open Listing Agreement  

Purchase and Sale Agreement


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