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Greg Searls

State Board Administrator Representative

Greg Searls is the Executive Director of the Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board which is a composite Board of counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and addictions professionals.  He also serves as the E.D. for the Board of Registration in Podiatry, Board of Midwifery, Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist, Board of Hearing Aid Specialist, Board of Athletic Trainers, and Board of Occupational Therapists.  Greg began with the Wyoming Professional Licensing Board Office in April of 2016.

He is a Wyoming licensed funeral service practitioner and was appointed by the Governor of Wyoming to serve on the Board of Funeral Service Practitioners in 2010.  Greg served as the Board’s representative to The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards from 2013 through 2016.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mortuary Science and a certificate of Gerontology from Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania, and an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Funeral Service Technology from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science.

Greg strives to ensure that the Boards he works with treat people fairly under the established Rules and Statutes to grant licensure to those that are qualified in a timely manner. 

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