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ACEC Ohio Committee's Need You!

Join an ACEC Ohio committee this year and share your ideas while experiencing personal and professional growth. Now is the time to get involved and volunteer on one or more of the following committees: 

  • Communication--Develop and implement outreach and communication for ACEC Ohio including the Engineering Excellence Awards Program and review of all Council publications.

  • Environment & Energy--Represents the interests of ACEC Ohio member companies that provide water resources, environmental engineering and energy sector work; maintains liaison committees with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Department of Natural Resources and other regulatory authorities.

  • Government Affairs--Provides direction for the Council’s Government Affairs activities; monitors legislation introduced in the Ohio General Assembly and rules and policies promulgated by state administrative agencies.

  • Membership Services-- Responsible for assuring that the programs and services offered by ACEC Ohio are of significant value to the organization’s member companies, Coordinates membership retention and recruitment programs.

  • Political Action-- Selected by the Board Chair, manages the ACEC Ohio Political Action Fund.

  • Scholarship-- Review existing programs within chapters and make recommendation on moving forward with an ACEC Ohio scholarship program that will complement the ACEC National Scholarship program.

  • Small Firms-- Develops programs and services to help the owners of small firms by addressing their unique in situations; provides a networking forum for owners of small engineering companies.

  • State Public Works--Represents the interests of companies providing services on state public works projects; maintains liaison with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and works with AIA and AGC on issues.

  • Transportation-- Represents the interests of ACEC Ohio member firms engaged in transportation engineering; maintains liaison with the Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio Turnpike Commission and other transportation related agencies.
  • QBS Task Force-- Develop and implement informative outreach as it relates to the use of the Qualification-Based Selection.

To find recent committee projects and information as well as the volunteer form to sign up on our website click here!

Thank you for volunteering!

If you currently serve on any committee, you will remain on that committee unless you notify ACEC Ohio otherwise.

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