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ACEC Ohio Introduces Private Sector Forum


ACEC Ohio Introduces Private Sector Forum

ACEC Ohio Private Sector Forum

ACEC Ohio hosted our first Virtual Private Sector Forum on Tuesday, May 12. We were joined by Erin McLaughlin, ACEC, Vice President Private Market Resources.

Forums are an opportunity for you to be connected to a network of peers where you can share your best practices, discuss problems and solutions, gain valuable insights into industry trends and network with each other.

In this forum, Erin presented the five leading trends in each of the key private market areas engineering firms are targeting & explored what the current opportunities are for A/E firms and the impacts of economic and policy actions at the national level.

For a recording of the first Private Sector Forum, click here.

To see the presentation that Erin provided, click here.

Please click here to take a quick 3-5 minute survey to show your interest in participating in this forum in the future and the structure of topics.

Past Webinars/ Conference Calls Hosted 

Below is a list of past meetings held by ACEC Ohio to assist our member firms in navigating the COVID-19 crisis and prepare for a post-pandemic marketplace.

To see a full list of webinars hosting by ACEC National and Ohio, please check out our COVID-19 Resource page by clicking here. This page is updated regularly. 

  • ACEC Ohio Small Firms Conference Call - Wednesday, April 1
  • ACEC Ohio Small Firms Committee Meeting - Tuesday, April 21

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