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Message from Beth -- September 22nd


Message from Beth -- September 22nd

2021 Pac Thank You 1

ACEC Ohio's PAC year ends on December 31, 2021, and there's still time left to meet your company's PAC goal! The ACEC Ohio PAC has met 68% of our $55,000 goal and 46% of our $55,000 National PAC goal. Thank you to the 67-member companies that have met their 2021 PAC goal!

The PAC is a key component of our advocacy efforts for the business of engineering and needs to continue to be dynamic in our efforts.  ACEC Ohio continues to build strong relationships with Ohio House and Ohio Senate leadership, as well as with key legislative members that are supportive of our business interests.  By developing these relationships, over the past few years ACEC Ohio has:

  • Defeated proposals to make consulting engineering services subject to Ohio sales tax
  • Defeated a proposal to reduce the small business income deduction
  • Achieved an increase in transportation funding
  • Passed a payment assurance (Lien) bill for design professionals that goes into effect 9/28/21
  • Working to pass legislation to invalidate broad indemnification clauses in public authority contracts

On a national level, ACEC's key Congressional relationships developed through the ACEC PAC proved very advantageous during negotiations on the Comprehensive Tax Reform bill, reauthorization of the Water Resources Development Act, and a continued push for passage of the infrastructure bill along with overturning an IRS ruling that funds offset by PPP loan proceeds are taxable and working on a waiver for the PPP/FAR overhead issue.

We need to engage elected officials on the importance of our business to society and protect our business from adverse regulation or policy.  Part of engaging elective officials in that dialogue is through the active participation of our PAC. Feel free to reach out to me or any of the ACEC Ohio PAC Trustees on questions related to the PAC and your company's goal.

2021 PAC Board of Trustees:

  • Fred Seling, Chair (Engineering Associates)
  • Paul Gluck, Vice Chair (Michael Baker International)
  • Greg Heaton, ACEC National Champion  (Crawford Murphy Tilly)
  • Nicole Clune (Clune Consulting Services)
  • Jim Kleingers (The Kleingers Group)
  • David Krock (OHM Advisors)
  • Tom Mosure (ms consultants)
  • Gregg Simon (Jones and Henry)
  • Rod Sommer (LJB Inc.)

As always, contact me with any additional questions or concerns,


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