If you're in the engineering business, you know first-hand about the tremendous impact that state and federal laws and regulations have on your day-to-day operations.

At the state level, ACEC Ohio lobbyists promote legislative proposals to improve the business climate for engineering companies and opposes legislation that will burden the industry or harm the public.  In addition, the Council works to influence regulations and policies proposed by state administrative agencies that could affect the industry.

Likewise, the ACEC national staff in Washington aggressively pursues the industry's interests in Congress and with federal regulatory agencies.

While it is vital to have lobbyists "on the ground" in the legislature and in Congress, ACEC members themselves play a critical role in achieving the Council's government affairs agenda.

When called upon by the state or national Council, members act as "citizen lobbyists" by contacting lawmakers to explain how a particular legislative proposal would affect their companies.

Because of this enthusiastic involvement on the part of ACEC members, the Council has a proven record of effectiveness  in the state legislature and the halls of Congress.


Advancing the Business of Engineering