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Clients want to know about TEAMBUILDING - We have answers for you!

On Friday afternoon, 9 February at 2:30 pm  during the  ADMEI Annual Conference we have a special concurrent session,  Teambuilding Trends.  Roy Charette, Managing Partner and Director of Training at Best Corporate Events, ADMEI's Diamond Sponsor, will share his overview of the trends in teambuilding activities.

Using a series of client case studies, this session will demonstrate how to conduct a client assessment so that the best match for teambuilding can made for client return on investment. Narrowing the choices presented to the client can lead to a higher rate of implementation as well as better match of the event and its logistics. This session will also feature interactive segments to help you better understand the components of a great program.

Pre-registration is not necessary - just come prepared to get great ideas to share with your clients the next time they say to you, "We need a teambuilding activity, but I don't know what to do."

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