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Congratulations to our Newest DMCP!

DMCP LogoOn behalf of the ADMEI Certification and Accreditation Board, congratulations are in order to the following DMC professionals that completed all the requirements to become Destination Management Certified Professionals (DMCPs)!   

Candidates must have:

  • Minimum of 3 years experience in Destination Management
  • Current employment in the hospitality industry
  • Responsibility and accountability for the successful completion of Destination Management programs

Candidate must also read and study the Best Practices in Destination Management (BPDM) book in order to pass a 150-question, multiple-choice exam based on the book. 

New DMCPs!

Carlos Angel DMCP Advantage Destination & Meeting Services, Inc.
Brittany Baugh DMCP CSI Nashville
Emily Becher DMCP CE DMC, a DMC Network Company
Michelle Besu DMCP PRA South Florida
Erin Bianchi DMCP PRA San Diego
Kelly Clark DMCP Roberts Event Group/Philadelphia, a Hosts Global member
Rita Davidson DMCP PRA Nashville
Thuy Diep DMCP PRA Orange County
Courtney Fields DMCP PRA New Orleans
Kayla Hadley DMCP PRA Nashville
Perry Hardy DMCP PRA Utah
Cindy Hedstrom DMCP PRA Arizona
Tammy Hill DMCP CE DMC, a DMC Network Company
Janet Holliday DMCP CE DMC, a DMC Network Company
Abby Homol DMCP Roberts Event Group/Philadelphia, a Hosts Global member
Marc Kaplan DMCP Advantage Destination & Meeting Services, Inc.
Maria Kastensson DMCP Russkie Prostori
Kellie Kerrigan DMCP nxtevent, a Hosts Global member
Rajeev Kohli DMCP Creative Travel Pvt. Ltd., a Hosts Global member
Libby Landers DMCP Hosts Southern California
Michelle Lorber DMCP PRA Atlanta
Leah Mariscal DMCP PRA San Diego
Katie Mullahey DMCP PRA Nashville
Rose Ornelas DMCP PRA San Antonio/Austin
Dana Patel DMCP PRA Nashville
Barbara Pierra Costa DMCP Cream of the Crop Events & Logistics, LLC, a Hosts Global Member
Katie Poche DMCP PRA New Orleans
Samantha Reardon DMCP PRA Nashville
Eneyda Rodriguez DMCP PRA San Diego
Jessica Roland DMCP PRA San Diego
Alli Shebek DMCP PRA Arizona
April Starkloff DMCP PRA Chicago
Julia Stout DMCP PRA Business Events
Melanie Vasquez DMCP PRA San Antonio/Austin
Stephanie Wright DMCP PRA Chicago

Visit Find a DMC to search for DMCPs' email address to send a note of congratulations!   For information on how to enroll in the DMCP program, visit ADMEI DMCP.


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