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ADMEI offers education for

ADMEI also offers two publications designed to provide comprehensive information for DMC organization and management:

  1. DMC Competencies
  2. Best Practices in Destination Management 


ADMEI Annual Conference

The ADMEI Annual Conference offers targeted programs for DMC owners, sales and operations staff. 

DMC Compentencies

Published in 2014, this document reviews the four key elements that every DMC needs to know:  Client, Sales, Operations and DMC Business.  Principles are defined and the knowledge base needed for each principle. DMC Competencies.

Best Practices in Destination Management

After applying to take the DMCP test I ordered the manual (Best Practices in Destination Management) and I was blown away by the amount of useful and relevant information in the book. I have been running a DMC for over 20 years and have learned by trial and error the right and wrong way to run my company. To find out that there is a well written book that has the answers (or at least the best practices) for almost every situation makes me feel I spent a lot of time that could have been avoided. We think we have secret formulas for running shuttles or pricing out tours but there are a lot of people in the same boat. These people have shared those secrets and helped put together a comprehensive manual for an industry that I didn’t think could be categorized and defined. My thanks to all the ADMEI folks who took the time to help out our industry

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Published in 2011 by ADMEI, the first edition was revised in 2014 to incorporate more global DMC practices.  This is the definitive information source on DMC services and practices. Its 16 chapters and 25 appendix documents provides a comprehensive overview of everything a destination management professional needs to know. It also incorporates the glossary, so no additional purchase is required.

This publication is available to individuals preparing to take the Destination Management Certified Professional exam and for any destination management professional who wants to have valuable figures and charts for handy reference.

Digital version NOW available

Best Practices in Destination Management is now available in eBook format.  This Acrobat DRM version has the same layout as the hard copy.  It can be downloaded to up to 6 electronic platforms owned by the purchaser.  How convenient to have the tables, charts and diagrams available on your tablet for when you are meeting with clients or working with your supplier partners!

The printed book copy of Best Practices in Destination Management is available for $89.95.

The eBook version is available for $69.95.

Purchase both the print and eBook version for just $140 - a 12.5% savings.

Go to ADMEI Bookstore to purchase your copy today!