ANJC offers members numerous webinars every year, most of them and hour in length and eligible for 1 CEU credit. 

In case a member misses the live webinar, they can still get free CEUs through the recording of these same live webinars.  The ability to get credit for listening to a pre-recorded webinar has a 2 week time limit once it is sent to membership.

Here are guidelines:

  1. Approximately five days after live webinars, the recorded version will be posted.
  2. HQ will email all members the unique link that points to this specific recorded version of the live webinar.
  3. After clicking that unique link you will be directed to set up your unique account, including username and passcode.
    Very Important: If you previously set up account when taking recorded version for DOT credit, then use username/passcode previously set up)
  4. Once you set up your personal account, for all future recorded webinars, when you click that unique link to that recorded version you enter your same username/passcode.
  5. Once you enter username/passcode that specific webinar will immediately stream for the 50+ min period until completed.
  6. Very Important: If you stop viewing and come back at a later date, the streaming of the webinar will pick off where you left off.
  7. Quiz: At the end of each webinar a link to the quiz will appear; as with live webinars, follow the same process (complete online)

Key Points:

  • Let’s say a live webinar is completed Feb 1.
  • Recorded version will be posted to servers by Feb 6 (within 5 days)
  • ANJC members are notified by email with a link to view that specific webinar on Feb 8.
  • Members then have two weeks to listen to recording before link is deactivated (i.e. through Feb. 22).
    In other words, for each webinar post you will have a two-week window to that specific webinar before that link is deactivated.
  • Finally, you must complete and fax the quiz to ANJC HQ no later than two days from the date that webinar link is deactivated (i.e. by Feb 24)

Special Notice: Scope of Practice limits doctors to 12 distance learning/online CEUs during any two-year licensing period (through Aug. 2019). Once you complete 12 CEUs during this period, the software will not permit you to sign up to view additional recorded webinars for additional CEUs.

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