Licensed Chiropractic Assistant (LCA) Program

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The ANJC and New York Chiropractic College are excited to have launched the nation's first

Licensed Chiropractic Assistant (LCA) Training Program

The program, which launched on July 23rd, is administered through NYCC's Postgraduate and Continuing Education Department and is taught by highly qualified NYCC faculty. Through hands-on classroom and online instruction, students gain extensive clinical knowledge to provide the highest level of care to their practices’ patients.

Designed to be a 12-18 month course, the program’s curriculum will provide the specialized training needed to pursue LCA licensure and become vital members of the chiropractic healthcare team. The course will satisfy the 120-hour instructional component of the 500-hour LCA program. The remaining 380 hours will be clinical training supervised by an approved LCA clinical trainer.

Doctors of Chiropractic who complete a 2-hour online training course may serve as LCA clinical trainers. This "Train the Clinical Trainer" course is offered through the ANJC free of charge to its members -- another benefit of being a part of the nation's strongest association... the ANJC!

For more information on becoming a Licensed Chiropractic Assistant, please visit:

For more information for DCs, click here:  LCA Clinical Trainer FAQs

To take the online training course for DCs, click below:

 "Train the Clinical Trainer" course


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