Appropriate Utilization Campaign

This section gives more details about our campaign to assure appropriate utilization of diagnostic imaging services. It includes quick-reference definitions and background about the Stark Law.

AQI believes that these are the causes of diagnostic imaging overutilization:

  • Self-referral among nonradiologists who operate their
    own in-office imaging equipment.
  • Proliferation of imaging equipment.
  • Strong incentive to perform more tests to help pay
    for the high initial cost of the newer technology.
  • Repetition of imaging studies.
  • Poor quality of imaging equipment in some settings.
  • Lack of understanding among ordering physicians about
    which is the best test.
  • Defensive medicine in response to increasing malpractice claims.
  • Use of imaging in place of the physical exam.
  • More likely with capitated primary care.
  • Emergency departments.
  • Patient expectations (best example: fetal ultrasound).
  • Infatuation with high-tech (and its ready availability).
  • Tendency toward overly aggressive treatment of incurable diseases.

AQI represents diagnostic imaging centers and departments throughout the United States.

The coalition has academic research, statistics, and other info readily available for those interested in learning more about the issue. Interviews can be arranged with experts, the AQI board and officers, imaging industry executives, and administrators of diagnostic imaging centers throughout the United States.

For more information about the campaign, the issue, and to schedule interviews, please contact us.