June 21 - 22, 2024

Tranceformation: Neurobiology, Clinical Applications, and Dissemination of Hypnosis

Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Virtual workshop

Organization:  MSCH


Event Title: Tranceformation: Neurobiology, Clinical Applications, and Dissemination of Hypnosis

Dates: 06/21/2024, 06/22/2024

Location: Virtual workshop

CE: 12

Contact: Jennifer Stoos,

Hypnosis was the first concept of psychotherapy introduced into Western medicine and psychology. While it has been shown to be safe and effective for more than two centuries, hypnosis is an under-appreciated means of controlling consciousness with enormous therapeutic potential. We will examine the nature of hypnosis, its efficacy, brain mechanisms underlying it, the importance of measuring hypnotizability, and the uses of hypnosis for problems such as stress management, enhancing focus, improving sleep, controlling pain, stopping smoking and vaping, treating phobias, eating well, dealing with grief and loss, and treating traumatic stress. Novel means of dissemination involving interactive hypnosis apps that are making safe and effective hypnosis skill training widely available will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define hypnosis, giving one example of what it is, and one example of what it isn't.
    Outline three components of the neurobiology of hypnosis
  2. Discuss the importance of hypnotizability and describe one clinical measurement tool for hypnotizability
  3. Outline three important principles of treatment when employing hypnosis
  4. Summarize the evidence of outcomes for using hypnosis with three clinical problems
  5. Explain the potential impact of app-based dissemination of hypnosis
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