AzCA Call for Presentations

We invite you to submit a proposal for a podium presentation (general or concurrent) at the upcoming Annual Conference. Please submit your proposal by completing the information below. This information must be provided in one sitting, as the information cannot be saved to return at a later time to finish. The deadline is December 20, 2017 to submit your presentation.
Thank you for considering sharing your expertise with our participants. We welcome your involvement. If you know of someone else who would be an excellent speaker at the Annual Conference, kindly forward this link.
Contact the AzCA at with questions.

Contact Information

Full Name
Street Address
ZIP Code
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Presenter Information

Please complete a VERY BRIEF biographical sketch. (1 or 2 paragraphs only please. Please use complete sentences and provide in third person. Reference example below):
Brad Feldman is director of clinical services for BLFM Agency, responsible for running the operation. He has been associated with the mental health field since 1880 beginning as an associate with Feldman and Associates, a private practice. He joined BLFM Agency in 1892 as a coordinator of clinical services and was promoted to director of clinical services in 1895. Feldman is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio with a degree in Public Administration. He was a director and past-president of AzCA.

Session Information

Session Title
Session Learning Level
Session Type
Subject Area
Desired Length
One or two paragraph summary of workshop session:
This workshop will focus on principles of effective training. In this session, we will consider training from both the manager’s and trainee's perspective. We will also consider hurdles to training in the mental health industry as well as learning concepts that are effective in adult education. Training and continuing education can be extremely costly to any organization, and the mental health industry is no exception to this concept. Creating a well-rounded training program for your trainee is paramount to setting both the trainee and the company up for continued success.
Three or four bullet points of session objectives:
-Review of the manager's role in setting their employees up for success.
-Understand the trainee's perspective.
-Explore learning principles that are effective in adult education.


If selected as a presenter, handouts in PDF format will be posted to the AzCA website for participants only of the Annual Conference.
Please check one:
I would like AzCA to distribute my handouts; therefore, I will send an electronic copy to the AzCA. If I miss the deadline, I will reproduce my handout at my expense and bring it to the Annual Conference. Please limit handouts to 30 pages. Sessions greater than 3 hours may have more pages.)
I will reproduce my handout at my expense and bring it to the Annual Conference.
I will have no handouts. (This is strongly discouraged, as participants desire these notes and are not pleased when there are no handouts.)


If you plan to use a PowerPoint presentation, please use:
-light background
-dark and easy to read text
I would be using a PowerPoint presentation.

Audio Visual Equipment

Each session room will be equipped with a laptop, LCD projector, and microphone . Beyond this equipment, please let us know what you would need.
Please check all that apply:
Audio Hookup

Article for Publication

Speakers may write an article on the presentation subject for publication in the members-only area of the AzCA website. In addition, we may accept additional articles for future publication.
Regarding an article...


The AzCA Webinar Series is designed for providing webinar only presentations AND presentations of sessions from the Annual Conference that can be conducted via webinars throughout the next year. If accepted to present at the Annual Conference, we are hoping that you would have an interest in presenting an abbreviated version of your session on one of those webinars. They are typically 45 minutes in length with 15 minutes of Q&A. Since you are providing your biography and session description with objectives for this Annual Conference, we would be able to use that information to promote the webinar. Hopefully, this will make the implementation of these webinars very easy for all involved.
Yes, I would LOVE to present a webinar and thank you for asking.