Code of Ethics

Every member of this Association shall adhere to the Code of Ethics of this Association.  The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to protect the public and raise the standards of conduct of the self-storage industry.  These standards may exceed, but are never less than nor contrary, to those required by law.

Each member of the Association shall:

A. Promote and maintain a high standard of integrity in the performance of all rental obligations and services in the operation of the self-storage facilities.

B. Maintain and operate their facilities in a fair and honorable manner.
C. Strive continually to promote the education and fraternity of the membership and to promote the progress and dignity of the self-storage industry in creating a positive image of itself in order that the public may be better served.

D. Always attempt to obtain tenants, through advertising or otherwise, without the use of deceptive, misleading, or fraudulent statements, misrepresentations, or the use of implications, unwarranted by fact or reasonable probability.
E. Use AZSA forms and publications only when they are lawfully reproduced or reprinted and when authorized.
F. Use the AZSA logo only in the manner determined, approved and published by the AZSA Board of Directors.
G. Abide by all national, state, and local laws of every kind and nature.
H. Promote responsible legislative policies affecting our industry.

Violations of these Code of Ethics could result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors up to and including termination of membership.

(Rev. 8/29/06)...