Bethel International United Methodist Church

Bethel Volunteer to Provide Needed Assistance

Is it best to call or text?
I can help with: (Check all you can provide)
Deliveries: I can deliver pre-paid groceries or other necessary items to their doorstep. (if not pre-paid, will be reimbursed for the cost of the items purchased at drop-off.)
Food: I can provide a meal I prepare in my home.
Food: I can bring a meal I purchase from a quick serve restaurant (Panera, Bob Evans, Chipotle…)
Food: I can donate money to help people/families purchase groceries.
Food: I can grocery shop (list should be provided) and deliver the groceries at no cost to the person I am helping.
Lawn work: I can provide light yard work- clean up after storm, mowing…if needed.
Community services: I can provide a list (will be compiled by Bethel) of social providers that may help with bill pay and child care support and help the person I am helping navigate the system if needed.
Prayer: I can make contact to discuss prayer and other concerns
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