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"Bethel Christian Preschool has proved a huge blessing to our family. Our son started in Backyard Buddies, feeling nervous about a new class with students he'd never met. By the end of the first day, he already couldn't wait until he could see Ms. Cas and Ms. Jill on Wednesday. They provided a warm, loving, and safe environment where our son felt both encouraged and stretched. The diversity of students, professionalism of the teachers, and the creative, fun, age-appropriate games and activities enabled our son to grow socially and developmentally. We highly recommend Bethel Christian Preschool and have enrolled both of our sons for the next session."


"Both of our daughters attended Bethel Christian Preschool. The teachers and staff were so patient and kind. Our kids learned to structure their days and overcome separation anxiety. Our youngest met her first friends while attending and looks forward to school every day. We love Bethel Christian Preschool."


“I can’t say enough good things about the Bethel Christian Preschool. We are so pleased with everything that this wonderful preschool has to offer. I am amazed that my daughter has learned so much in such a short time. Everyone at school, the teachers and the Director, have all been super welcoming and helpful from the very beginning. They are wonderfully warm, responsive to the children as well as the parents, very patient, kind and loving. There is a great balance of learning and fun. I very highly recommend this school. Thank you once again!”


“Our family loves Bethel Christian Preschool! We first came over 7 years ago when our eldest reached preschool age. We had done an extensive local search and were impressed by both the environment and the staff. As a former teacher, I was so happy to see classroom ownership and exciting learning opportunities in such a warm and happy environment. As a mom, I was encouraged by the gifted and supportive teachers. We have had three of our 4 children attend Bethel, and although each of them is very different they all had excellent experiences. We couldn't be happier about what they learned and how they were loved. We plan to be back with our 4th when it's his time and we are confident his experience will be just as positive. We are so grateful to have found our preschool family here!”


"We were lucky enough to be at Bethel Christian Preschool for six wonderful years. I cannot say enough good things about the teachers/directors, the curriculum and the families that attend. Each year, the teachers encouraged my two kids to play, explore, and develop their imagination! My kids are still both so good at coming up with fun (often messy:) things to do on their own...their creativity was fostered at Bethel and I know this will continue to enhance their lives in so many ways! They learned so many skills by being able to interact in fun ways with their peers and the teachers would always plan their days according to the childrens' interests. PJ days, Turtle Lady visits, Special Friend Day and the Spring Program were just a few of the highlights each year. We visited many preschools when our son was young but, when we came to Bethel, we just knew it was the perfect fit. Everyone is so warm and caring, and you can tell they genuinely want the best for your child...what more can a parent ask for?"


"Our son will be starting his 4th year at BCP. Their play-based approach learning and the kindness and caring of their teachers make this an amazing program for little ones from 18 months and up! Each year it was amazing to watch his development both socially and developmentally. The staff is the heart of the program at BCP and we are grateful for the wonderful job they have done teaching our son and helping us understand and work through issues and developmental roadblocks as they occurred. BCP is not a day care dressed as a pre-school. They are professionals with a time tested curriculum that works and our son is proof of that. Thanks BCP, we can’t wait for September!"


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