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Join our OSU Football Concessions Team

Volunteers Needed!

What an amazing opportunity dropped in our lap to partner with Lockbourne UMC to man an OSU football concession stand for home games this season! Most churches wait over ten years for an opening to occur, and then have to do other OSU sports before finally arriving at football.

Lockbourne has been operating a stand for over 30 years and their membership has become older. They will train us and we will share in the profits (from $800 - $1,500 per game). We do not have to worry about bringing in stock of any kind, as we will be working for a vendor. When concession traffic gets light, you can slip up to watch some of the game.

Arrival time is at least 3 hours before game time and there is a dress code of a white polo shirt, black pants, tennis shoes and a $5 OSU black hat. Ages for volunteer workers are 16 and up. For more details, call the church office.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS RIGHT AWAY!!

Here’s the line-up for our involvement (3 games by ourselves and two in tandem with Lockbourne / profits are pro-rated by the number of volunteers):

  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 vs. Marshall
    Arrive 3:30 (or as early as possible) / GAME TIME: 7:30 p.m.
    Lockbourne and Bethel jointly — each send 12
  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 vs. Miami
    Arrive 12:00 noon / GAME TIME: 3:40 p.m.
    Bethel lead group — send 20+
  • SATURDAY, SEPEMBER 25 vs. E. Michigan
    Time TBA
    Bethel lead group — send 20+
  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 vs. Purdue
    Arrive 9:00 a.m. / GAME TIME: 12:00 noon
    Bethel lead group — send 20+
  • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27 vs. Michigan
    Time TBA
    Lockbourne and Bethel jointly — each send 12

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