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Need Space for your Meeting or Event?

Reserve Bethel Building Facilities Here

Are you looking for Space?  If your ministry or event needs to schedule a room, please complete the form below and forward to the Church Office.  You can email, fax or drop it by.  The office will process your request and then contact you for confirmation.  If you have not completed one of these forms for your event, it is not confirmed.  If you have any question please contact the church office at 614-451-2085 or

Building Use Form


We are starting this year off with a bang.  Upward Basketball is starting. There are more Bible Studies. In fact, there seems to be something going on almost every night of the week.  We need everyone to be mindful of keeping God’s house clean. 

Just a few items for those using the rooms to make sure we keep our building clean, safe and secure. 

1. Make sure you have completed a building use form and scheduled the time with the office.

2. Please clean up and put your room back in its original order, taking the trash out to the dumpster.  Please vacuum up any food or other trash from the carpets.

3. Shut off lights and lock exterior doors.  If you have been issued an alarm code and are the last to leave, please set the alarm.

We have a few areas that need extra care when we use them.  Our Preschool rooms are great places for our kids to play and learn in during the week and we want to make sure that we are leaving them ready for classes Monday morning.  If you use any of these rooms (#12, 13, 14 or 15), please be aware that they must be ready for our teachers and students to come in on Monday.  Toys must be put in their specific locations, tables wiped down and floors vacuumed  We ask that kids are not left unattended and that an adult is with them at all times. 

 Building Use Form

This link will download the form to your computer, open it and print it. you can then fill out the form and submit it to the church office.

When the form is completely filled out, you can submit it in one of three different ways:

  1. Scan the completed form and email it as an attachment to
  2. Fax to 614-451-2129
  3. Drop off to the church office in person.

Page 2 of the form includes room capacities, to assist you in choosing the room(s) you wish to request.  Also included are the Room Request Guidelines.  your signature signifies your agreement with those guidelines.

If you have questions or problems with the form, contact the church office.