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Pastor Ken Lee

Pastor Emeritus

Pastor Ken Lee    Pastor Ken retired in July 2010 as a United Methodist elder. He had been appointed in 2006 to Grace UMC to promote multicultural ministry for the OSU international students. He had also been serving as a Pastoral Care Associate to North Broadway UMC in Columbus from 2007-2009.

    Pastor Ken had been an OSU professor in the School of Architecture for 22 years (holding four U.S. patents in passive solar design) before feeling a call to the ministry. He took an early retirement from OSU in 1995 and was ordained in 1997. He received his M.Div. degree from Methesco in 1995. He served at Williamsport UMC (1995), Trinity UMC (1996) and North UMC in Columbus (2000).

    Pastor Ken came to America in 1961 and received his Bachelor’s of Architecture from the U of Minnesota (1967), his Masters of Architecture from M.I.T. (1968) and his Doctor of Architecture from the U of Michigan (1980). His first wife died of liver cancer in 1989 before he entered the ministry. Pastor Ken married Pastor Miran almost 19 years ago. They enjoy playing golf together, have four children and three grandchildren.

    Pastor Ken loves to sing (tenor) and tries to hold a concert once a year (the 11th annual was last December here at Bethel). He inherited his voice from his grandfather, In Bum Lee, who was both a minister in North Korea (where he was martyred) and a well-known classic tenor. His grandfather was one of the pioneers to first introduce classical music to Korea.