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2012 Officers

Presidents – Shirley Funt and Rhea Chung
Vice presidents – Linda Carmichael and Phyllis Gamble
Honorary Vice Presidents – Diane Pratt and Pastor Miran Lee
Immediate Past President – Linda Sukola
Secretary – Jean Austin
Treasurer – Bonnie St. Germain
Missions – Tracey Kennedy
Membership – Shirley Adams
Recruitment – Susan Place
Spiritual Life/Devotions – Robin Mitchell
Communications – Ginny Shimrock
Sunshine – Violet Dennis and Joan Parks
Wedding/Anniversary Receptions/B-day Celebrations – Shirley Funt
Celebration of Life Dinners – Jean Austin and Diana Stropes
Historians / Mary Magdalene Circle Leader – Jean Austin
Dorcas Circle Leaders – Sarah Kocsis and Ginny Shimrock
Hannah Circle Leader – Mijung Tae