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A River Still Flows from Eden

Fresh water is sacred, life-giving, and growingly scarce.

Fresh water is sacred, life-giving, and growingly scarce.  The amount of this finite water on Earth must fulfill the needs now of our 7 billion people.  Though 97.5% of water is the sea, only 2.5% is fresh.  Two-thirds of that percentage is made of glaciers, snow and groundwater.  Only 0.3% of that 2.5% is in lakes, rivers or swamps.  That’s what we  mostly depend upon to survive.

Do you recall the scene in the film “The Miracle Worker” when Annie Sullivan dragged Helen Keller to the water pump and thrust her hand under the running water?  With the stuff gushing out of the pump, Helen finally got it.  This was the same stuff that fell from the sky, from her eyes, and was in her bath.  It was all the same stuff, and it had a name, and it changed her life.  The name was water, and as she spelled it back to Annie, all the lights came on.  She would never see it or hear it, but it was the beginning; it was the living word that carried her to other living words.

When we have so much of it for every conceivable use and it is so cheap, we become desensitized to the critical shortages and the political battles that rage across the globe. We become water illiterate.

Have you ever seen the pipes that bring the water?  Are they copper or blue plastic?  Who owns the water?  How much do you pay for it?  How much do you use every day in the  toilet or washing machine?  Have you ever looked in your septic tank or the water treatment plant?  How many medicines are in the public water supply?  Does your water come from a spring, a river, a reservoir or an aquifer?

Starting on Rally Day Sunday, September 9 we will look not only at our own water    footprint, but God’s.  For seven Sundays we will let favorite Bible passages guide us in learning how to become better stewards of this life-sustaining resource that covers 71% of the earth and makes up 83% of our bodies.  Even our children will get excited as to what they can do to live in harmony with God’s intricate design.  We’ll then celebrate our new  literacy on Stewardship Sunday, October 21.

Join us at the well each Sunday,

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