Bethel International United Methodist Church
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Consider Joining Our Caring and Visitation Team

We are excited to be giving our seniors visitation program a new energy. Nancy Gay, from Maple Grove UMC will be joining us on November 27 at 7pm in room 4 to share the success of her church’s ministry. Nancy is also a retired Dublin clinical counselor who is very passionate about the ones who can no longer get out to church. Come and catch her infectious spirit at this information and orientation meeting.

We, at Bethel, have so many who have been such a great inspiration to our church family, and now it is our turn to remember them and care for them with visits, cards, phone calls, etc. We are seeking people with a heart for our seniors.

If you would like to be on such a ministry team, or if you are just like to learn more about it, please come on the 27th and learn another beautiful way in which we can truly love one another. Nancy's experience and enthusiasm will surely inspire you.

As a caring church, we need to make this ministry a priority. If we are lucky to live long enough, each and everyone of us will some day be needing and wanting a visit. Let’s “Do unto others” and “Love one another” as we have been instructed by Jesus. We invite you to offer any questions that may help make this ministry the best and help you with
your decision. Contact Jean Austin (459-8497) or Shirley Adams (451-3024) with any questions.