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2012 Armenia Mission Trip Report

God was alive thru the vegetable seeds, shovels, trowels, gloves, and blankets taken to the Nork special school in Yerevan, Armenia. The school principal was very pleased to receive these gifts plus some financial support for the school’s 103 children (43 remain there 24/7). He showed us classrooms with energetic children, many having Downs and Williams syndromes. We were treated to warm bread and fresh apricot jam in their kitchen which UMCOR and the Mormon church had painted and supplied cheese to the children. The school could use more dishes, bedding and electrical improvements. Several farms were also visited where sweet potatoes, new vegetable seed types and tools were provided for local production. Financial aid was provided for a roof and to UMCOR programs for children. My colleagues in Armenia and I are very thankful for your support of the Armenian people.

- Dick Funt