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Life Can Change in a Blink of an Eye

January 4, 2013 was a usual busy Friday. Ken had preached the morning Prayer Service at church and had gone home after helping to carry a table for a wedding the next day. I had a meeting in the morning and came home around 1:45

Ken walked to the front door of our home mentioning to me that he had a strange feeling when he touched his left hand, and that he didn’t like the feeling. While I put my coat in the closet, I heard a chair fall and Ken saying, “Why did this chair fall by itself?” without knowing his left arm had knocked the chair over.

He tried to pick up his jacket that had dropped on the floor, but had a hard time doing it. I automatically picked it up for him, but I immediately knew something was wrong. I then dropped the jacket myself and asked Ken to pick it up.
He couldn’t.

I sensed a strange feeling about him and asked that he to go to the doctor. Ken wanted to check his blood pressure, but found he physically couldn’t do it. I held his left arm and asked if he could feel my touch. He said, “Are you touching me?” I knew right then that he needed to go the hospital.

It took less than five minutes for the ambulance to come while I was on the line with 911. Pastor Mike called me to find out if everything was all right because he had seen the ambulance parked in front of our house. He thought something happened to my mom, not Ken.

There were so many doctors and nurses in the emergency room of Riverside checking him, and I could sense a real urgency among them. Now Ken is at the Mayfair Village Rehabilitation Center (3000 Bethel Road). There have been so many visitors, cards, and prayers. Ken and I feel so blessed, even though Ken is in bed waiting for God’s healing touch. Whenever I read the cards and tell him the encouraging words from everyone, he says, “We owe so much love and I am sure God remembers and will bless them!”

We do not understand why this has happened to him, but the one thing we know is
that God is with us and we trust in God no matter what. How are we to ever understand everything? We know we are His creatures and that God is our creator.

Ken’s favorite scripture is Roman 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” He still holds this scripture close and preaches it to visitors.

I talked with Ken on the phone the other day, mentioning I would be writing this
newsletter article. He asked me to mention again how much he appreciates your prayers, concerns, cards and visits -- including the little angels who sang to him on Sunday evening, January 27. He especially clings to your love.

We believe that our church, Bethel International UMC, will be blessed through all of this and we have joy knowing we are one family holding hands with all of you in doing God’s work together. We will find out, as the days continue, how God works through us. Isn’t it exciting?

Miran Lee