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Sunday School Volunteers Needed!

As the Director of Children’s Ministries, I deeply appreciate all who have prayerfully considered how to help the children of Bethel, whether through teaching, organizing events, praying, or offering to volunteer with our Sunday school classes.  The children of Bethel are a valuable part of our congregation; they are the future.  In a Bethel newsletter a few years ago, I quoted Hubert Harriman, President of World Gospel Mission.  He wrote, "It behooves us, as Christians, to give much attention and care to the younger generation."  In an article I read, Harriman discussed the importance of  children and why they are so deserving of our attention and time. 

Here at Bethel, we are dedicated to providing children a safe, welcome place to grow in Christian faith.  We have reviewed curriculum, restructured classes & programs, and continue to grow.  All these efforts have led us to the realization that we need more people to volunteer their time during Sunday School and Children’s Church.  To comply with Safe Sanctuary we need two teachers in each class, but we also need to recognize the need for teachers to take a Sunday off for family events and to fill their own spirit in church.  This need has recently become more evident in our 1st-3rd & 4th-6th grade classes. 

I once again ask the congregation to consider volunteering to work with the children of Bethel.  Whether you are comfortable being the lead teacher for a class, or would rather be the second person (or helper), whether you like preschoolers or pre-teens, whether you can volunteer once a month or every week, WE HAVE A SPOT FOR YOU!!!!

Please consider this request.  You will be amazed at how working with    children not only feeds their spirit, it feeds your spirit too! 

--Jennie Whetstone