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It's the Springtime of our Lives

In the Christian year, the time between Resurrection Sunday and Pentecost is the Season of Easter, the springtime of our lives. Starting with Jesus, new life bursts around us and we join with all of nature proclaiming, “Our winters are over! No more death or grief or crying or pain. For the old things have disappeared!” (Rev. 21:4)

A paid transport brought our brother Ken Lee from his Mayfair Healthcare Center bed to our two Easter Sunrise services. Up from the grave he arose. After being surrounded with embracing love, Ken said in the service that his paralyzing stroke initially rocked him to the core. But through unimaginable depths of prayer when he could hardly pray himself, including the very the Holy Spirit who plead his needs to God with “groanings too deep for words” (Rom.8:26), Ken came to a new realization. That God in time uses everything, truly every thing for good to those who love him, who are called according to God’s will and purpose. Those words from Paul in Romans 8:28 had always been Ken’s favorite and they would now nourish him again.

So he proclaimed God’s victory. That now in his stroke he was going to be a new vessel of God’s goodness. And even though he couldn’t know exactly how that would play out, he knew he was in the safe and loving arms of his Lord, ready to again say, “Here I am. Use me, as I am, as you would.”

Such astounding faith can only burst forth from Easter.

There are so many ways we can worship and serve Him in this springtime of our lives. Commit to a time of daily prayer. Open God’s word when you pray. Long for your Sabbath worship (Bethel’s worship doors swing wide daily from morning to night). Ministries abound (see the church’s calendar and ask about our extensive small group and Sunday school offerings). Festivals are at hand (World Missions Saturday is April 13 and “Nachos For Nell” is on Cinco de Mayo). Children need to be nurtured (volunteer for a rotation on Sunday mornings and sign-up for June’s Vacation Bible School). Seniors ache to be visited (see our Barnabas Project). A world around us needs to find Jesus (we’ll host another Free Community Dinner on April 25).

Don’t let today pass you by. Seasons change and come to an end. If you can’t find your “niche for Christ,” talk to me and we’ll create it.

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